Lithuania looks to boost tourism from its diaspora

Seven decades after the end of World War II, Lithuania is still struggling with its role in the Holocaust. German Nazis and their Lithuanian collaborators killed over 90 percent of Lithuania’s prewar Jewish population of more than 200,000. Last month, a group of Lithuanian Jews, or Litvaks, demanded the government release a list of more than… Read More

Israel-Turkey relations on the mend?

TEL AVIV – After years of false starts, Israeli negotiators went to Geneva last week for talks aimed at ending a long-running conflict with a regional adversary. It’s not the Palestinians. It’s Turkey. Once a key partner of Israel, Turkey in recent years has been a thorn in its side. It supports Israel’s foes, and… Read More

Is Congress court of last resort?

Despite a commitment from the United States government to bring overseas terrorists to justice, families of American victims of Palestinian violence overseas are still searching for answers. None of the 64 cases in the last 23 years has resulted in a conviction, prompting anger from some Jews in the United States and in Israel. In… Read More

Jewish ethics guide Marylanders seeking to resettle refugees

Saturday morning, a few days after the terrorist attacks in Paris last November, Rabbi Daniel Cotzin Burg of Beth Am in Baltimore used his Shabbat sermon time to invite an open discussion about the brutal and tragic incidents that occurred throughout the city and their aftermath. Several people expressed their anger and concern about the… Read More