We’ll always have Largo Long for the days of long rocker hair but no tattoos? The documentary ‘Heavy Metal Parking Lot’ will take you home

Thirty years ago, Jeff Krulik and John Heyn, two fledgling documentary filmmakers on a lark, took borrowed video equipment to the Capital Centre parking lot in Largo. They had no idea lighting would strike and the mini-documentary they shot became a cult classic. “John had this idea to document heavy metal fans at a concert,”… Read More

Street dance, with guitar Dancer Yolit Yospe-Kachlon and company present a traditional flamenco show on Saturday night in Rockville

“When you hear a flamenco song, you don’t have to understand the words to feel the emotions,” Yolit Yospe-Kachlon said last week following a four-hour teaching and rehearsal stint at a Rockville dance studio. Yospe-Kachlon doesn’t just feel the emotions when flamenco musicians sing and play guitar. She dances them. Israeli-born, she grew up on… Read More

Dump cakes sweeten Jewish New Year

Desserts are not always the first thought on your mind when you’re plotting out four weeks of yontif lunches and dinners. Yes, they’re important. But seriously, after soup and fish and salad and meat and vegetables and numerous slices of challah, eating a dessert, no matter how delicious, isn’t exactly a high priority. However, you… Read More

Eco-friendly lunch boxes

As more and more parents try to pack their kids healthier school lunches and school systems have grappled with providing healthier options, eco-friendly lunch boxes and packaging are becoming more common in schools too. Whether it’s a metal lunch box or an insulated carrier, students seem to be ditching the days of plastic and paper… Read More

Lockers that rock

In 2011, The New York Times declared middle school lockers “the latest frontier in nesting.” Four years later, that trend seems to have remained in girls’ lockers. Looking to exercise their creativity and create a little place in school completely of their own, plain metal lockers in schools throughout the country now feature rugs, wallpaper,… Read More

The cost of education

Back-to-school sales are already in full force at stores such as Target and Wal-Mart, and this year, families are expected to spend more on school supplies and incidentals, shopping both in-store and online. The National Retail Federation’s annual survey, conducted by Prosper Insights & Analytics, looks at shopping tendencies, anticipated spending and digital habits. Survey… Read More

Coming to terms

When confronted with the emotional and medical complexities of death and dying, a caring chaplain can make all the difference. Consequently, hospice is one of the few areas of the American health care system that requires spiritual care be provided, said Dr. Gary Applebaum, national medical director of Seasons Hospice and Palliative Care. Medicare pays… Read More