Being a bridesmaid: An honor that can get expensive

The since-kindergarten friend, the summer camp friend, the practically-sisters friend, the little sister, the sister-in-law, the college friend and the roommate will answer without hesitation. “Yes, I’m honored,” they will say without fully grasping that the “bridesmaid” title comes with a Prada-sized price tag. “It’s so expensive and a huge commitment,” Sara Wolf said, “Everything… Read More

Cake blends modern vegan trend with family heritage

Vegan weddings are a new trend, with celebrities like Jewish actress Natalie Portman and Chelsea Clinton creating lavish vegan events. Weddings are a chance to bridge generations. This cake reflects my Canadian heritage and my very modern vegan diet. Bon appétit! Maple Cream Wedding Cake Yields two 9-inch round cakes or one 16×12-inch sheet cake… Read More

A proposal at a Pride parade

After coming out in May 2012, I began searching for someone to be with: a partner, a nice Jewish guy. I began by going to Keshet events and meeting guys on OKCupid. There were some nice guys, but nothing clicked. During one Keshet Shabbat, I chatted with another guy about our Jewish and spiritual journeys and… Read More

Listen to the music

While most brides will admit that music is one of the most important elements to a successful and memorable event, finding the right entertainment is a difficult decision that is often left until the end. Yet, guests will remember a fun reception more than anything else. And a good band or DJ is key to… Read More

Learn to love, not fear, rejection

The biggest boost to my love life came the autumn I got dumped by two women. Best part? They both told me why I was toast. Maria resented my humor. My steady stream of quips left her feeling under attack. Leah’s grievance was melancholy. She was sad that my sense of humor built an impenetrable… Read More

Lost and found in Israel: a love story

Just weeks into her Masa Israel Journey, Samantha Sisisky, 25, found herself lost in a new city in a new country. Little did she know she was about to find her future husband, Ben Winik, 24. A participant of the Gedera-based Yahel Social Change Program, Samantha had traveled to Rishon LeZion to visit a friend… Read More

Why are you still single?

If you’re reading this wedding supplement, then you’ve probably “made it.” You’ve probably answered “yes” or said “I do.” As a dating coach, many clients come to me wanting to find that perfect partner, that person who makes them no longer want to be on the market, that “one.” They tell me that they have… Read More