You Should Know…Rae Antonoff

For Rae Antonoff, a thousand words are worth a single picture. Micrography, also known as “microcalligraphy,” is the creation of Hebrew text that, at a distance, is perceived as an image: It is tedious, it is intricate, and it is also Antonoff’s specialty. The artist behind these illusionary designs is also a University of Maryland… Read More

You Should Know…Ronen Landa

As a music composer for films, Ronen Landa has made people scream, laugh and cry, all thanks to the sounds he creates. The 34-year-old Potomac native has scored a number of films of varying genres – including the romantic drama Divergence, the coming-of-age international drama Festival of Lights and, most recently, the supernatural horror flick… Read More

You should know…Natalie Rosenfelt

What another recipe is for a chef, another industry is to Natalie Rosenfelt. A lawyer for the Antitrust Division of the Department of Justice, the 30-something Penn Quarter resident says that one of the best parts of her job is learning new information about various industries and how they compete. Originally from Northern Virginia, Rosenfelt… Read More

You should know… Eric Golman

Eric Golman knows the importance of a good cup of coffee. It was during his first internship in his sophomore year of college at the University of Maryland that Golman recalled his “journey into the world of coffee.” To avoid falling asleep on his bus ride from downtown D.C. to his home in Loudon County,… Read More

You Should Know…Lindsey Sitz

Lindsey Sitz firmly believes that stories get more interesting with age – literally. The 27-year-old Silver Spring native and current resident was inspired by the denizens of Leisure World to create her first short documentary. The result, Fondly, Maggie, which profiles Leisure World resident Maggie Smith, was recently chosen as one of the 135 entries… Read More

You Should Know…Adam Ruben

Writer, storyteller, comedian and … molecular biologist? Yes, you read that correctly. Adam Ruben doesn’t discriminate when it comes to professions, and he’s proven that science and comedy can be symbiotic. The 35-year-old D.C. resident spent seven years studying at Johns Hopkins University to earn a Ph.D. in molecular biology, a time period that served… Read More

You Should Know: Jean-Paul Chreky

Jean-Paul Chreky describes himself as a man of science. Ironically, his love of science fostered a passion for the arts – specifically, the art of film. While he had planned to go to medical school, Chreky, a Potomac native who grew up at Congregation Har Shalom, decided to explore his interest in film as an… Read More